Ginnie 林紀螢

Miss Ginnie Lam - Founder of Gin Fairy Club Mrs International Pageant Champion 2014 , Lady Chamber Asia 2015, International magazine and media beauty expert, professional certificate holder of oriental medicine, beauty, skin care, nutrition, slimming & health, professional member of the world anti-aging academy of medicine, international qualified coach and instructors.
Inspired by her personal background failure and experiences, she kept motivating herself and finally became an Mrs international champion and a celebrity together with her courage and determination.... She wants to tell the world that being a true fairy on earth does not necessarily made from heavy and luxury elements . She also commits with her team that they contribute to the community by involving in different charity events, and help the women from different social backgrounds. In addition, she invents her own series of product , Ginn Skin, which is a skin-care brand that all from natural ingredients. The brand collaborates with oriental Chinese medicine concept at the same time, has already resolved hundreds of skin problems according to the users, especially inflammatory acne, sensitive dermatitis and aging skin etc.

Ginnie Lam Gai Ying, at the age of 19 went to a beauty salon for treatment and used commercially available skin-care products. However, she ended up with severe skin
irritation, itching and inflammation of the skin. Deep acne bumps, big pores,
pigment and acne scars appeared all over her face. Ginnie wanted to restore her
skin back to the normal state and thus attended courses on Skin-care & Beauty,
Nutrition, Chinese medicine and natural ingredients that will enhance the skin

Ginnie attaches great importance to the appropriate products being used for different skin conditions as well as the ‘age’ of the skin. She has over the years perfected the art of selecting skin-care ingredients of the highest quality, combined with the knowledge of Nutrition based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine, developed products for people with all types of skin conditions. Even pregnant women can use without the worry of absorbing artificial chemical ingredients normally found in many other skin care products. The end resultwould be a healthy and glowing skin achieved in a cost effective and safe manner.

    Ginnie Lam

  • Founder of Ginn International Brand
  • Founder of Ginn Fan Club and Ginn Prestige Club
  • Founder of Ginnskin and Ginnie Aesthetic
  • Honorary Advisor of Senior Model Association, Korea
  • Main Judge of Korea TV Board cast Beauty Pageant 
  • Ambassador of Malaysia I love Coffee & Tea Expo
  • Officiating guests of Malaysia Dream Car Expo Opening Ceremony
  • Program Hostess of Malaysia Madmavericks media
  • Beauty and skincare columnist of Elle China online magazine
  • Beauty and skincare columnist of Pregnancy" Hong Kong magazine
  • Main Judge of Top 10 Enterprisers and Professional Beauty salons of Hong Kong Beauty Federation
  • Authorised beauty specialist consultant of Hong Kong Eugene group magazine\
  • Beauty columnist of eugenegroup official page
  • Star guest for press release of Hong Kong Beauty customer online platform, Beauti360
  • Ceremony guest of 2016 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection
  • Event Model of AP Watch (Audemars Piguet)
  • Main Judge of Pretty Mum Beauty Pageant by Hong Kong Eugene Group
  • Main Judge of Mrs International Beauty Pageant 
  • Co-President of Mrs International Charity Club 2015
  • Top 10 Lady Chamber Asia 2015
  • Mrs International Pageant Winner 2014
  • Mrs International Pageant Mrs Compassion Award 2015
  • Mrs International Pageant Community Ambassador 2016
  • Mrs International Pageant Charity Award 2016
  • Diploma of International Beauty Instructor and Judge License
  • Advanced Diploma in Practical Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine Beauty Studies), HKU Space
  • Diploma in Practical Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine Beauty Studies), HKU Space
  • Professional Certificate in Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Equipment Operation, VTC
  • International Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light Equipment Operation, ITEC
  • International Diploma of Nutrition ,CIBTAC
  • International Diploma of Beautician, ITEC
  • Certificate of St John First Aid License
  • Outstanding Student Award of International FIA
  • Public Relation Director of Beauty Industry of Hong Kong Committee Member
  • Former Member of the world anti-aging academy of medicine
  • Former Vice Chairman of Scout Association of Hong Kong , SSP West Region
  • Former Executive Director of Hong Kong Hair & Beauty Merchants Association
  • Former Director and Founder of Beauty and Aesthetics Group Hong Kong
  • Former Training Manager of Medical beauty Clinic Group
  • Former Manager Consultant of Slimming and Firming Listed Company

Ginnie Aesthetic Limited

  • Awarded the 1st outstanding Beauty Salon of Hong Kong Beauty Federation
  • Awarded Excellent Professional Beauty Salon of Sister Magazine Survey

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