Brand Story

  • ginn真진Comes from theFounder's name, Ginnie
  • Pronunciation of the Korean language "gin "[진] which means “真”
  • “真”means " the truth" in Chinese

It carries a metaphor that the creation of our skin care products coming from a purity of our hearts, together with astrong concept and in true spirit. It also highlights how Chinese herbs as ingredients exemplifybeautiful skin of the women in Eastern countries.

Ginnskin Study Research Molecule Technology and Patent Ingredient

 • Gentle • Suitable for all skin types • Protection • Moist • Absorption
• Nourishment • Anti-allergic • Soft • Provide nutrients• Suitable for pregnancy

Does Not contain or cause

Hormones Metallic elements ♦ Artificial flavors Blocking the skin pores Skin irritation Sensation to light  Greasy feeling

Bright and Glowing skin comes from proper skincare

Everyone's physical, skin condition and genes are different.  It also changes during one’s aging process as well as the environmental and physical conditions.  Aging is an unavoidable fact that we all have to face.  When skin problems occur, we will seek ways to address these irritating problems; some will gofor facial treatments, take medication or supplements and try different variety of skin care products, which contains extremely high stimulating ingredients. In the process of pushing forthe skin problems to be solved, it weakens the skin at the same timebecoming fragile. The potentially hidden side effects will appear gradually over time, and dermatitis, skin allergy, itchiness; peeling skin might surface.

There are those who use foundation,Nano technology, BB cushion or cc cream to cover theskin imperfections. These make-up products are believed to provide a delicate and smooth surface but these may lead to the dermatitis being blocked underneath the skin. As the skin is not permeable, the sweat and skin sebum are trapped inside the pores, eventually leading to the formation of fungi on the skin. This may lead to inflammation or dry, oily and reddish skin. In addition, the pores would be big, the skin texture thin and rough, and wrinkles appearing.

In year 2008, we first started engaging in research and development of a superior facial mask. Today, we have developed a full set ofginn真진 Chinese herbal skin care series products. Our founder,Ginnie, worked with different laboratoriesfrom several countries and underwent rigorous selection, matching, testing, and optimizing the formulation of raw materials with the end result of highly effective skin care products being created.

With Ginnie'smany years of skin care clinical experience and fusion of Western nutritional concept and Oriental Chinese medicine theory, comes the launch of‘ginn’ skin care series. 


The key to having a bright and glowing skin is improve the health of the skin. And to do that, we have to start providing the skin a nice physiological environment;maintain healthy eating habits, and having a balance of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’.

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1. The physical environment of the skin

Our skin needs to breathe, to secrete the sebum and the waste by sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Our skin’s basal cells need oxygenand water to divide the cells into the metabolic system and to sustain the new skin formation cycle, which is 28days for the dead skin to be rid of. 


2. Skin's eatinghabits

Our skin is just like a sponge. The sponge needs tofully absorb the nutrients from the deepest skin layer to the outermost layer. This is necessary to help the skin cells’ division process to occur smoothly, so as to strengthen and moisturize the skin. Our products can help this process, to let the skin fully absorb the nutrients and not lead to any sticky feeling or blocking the pores. Your skin will then breathe and excrete as usual, the cell growth and metabolic cycle becoming normal and the skin ultimately becoming healthy.


3. The harmony of the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ 

It is believed that there are 14 meridian systems on the face. If the body is either too cold or hot,or with the presence of organ disorders will cause an imbalance of the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ of the facial skin.

Common problems due to excessive ‘hotness’ are dermatitis, soreness, redness, heat pain, scaling and itching, whileexcessive ‘coldness’lead to the formation of eye bags, edema, moon face, eczema, pimples and acne.

In addition, poor blood circulation will lead to the formation of dark circles, stains, roughness and dullness of the skin.


Hence, we need different ingredients and techniques to take care of the face right down to the neck. You can customize your ownginn真진skin care package set according to skin type and age group.


Log in to the official website: www.ginnskin.com for more information on the products and how to best select the products you need as well as understanding your REAL skin age. 

Ginnie will also teach you how to pamper your skin in the series of videos located in the website.


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